Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation


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By Al Etmanski
Foreward by Severn Cullis-Suzuki

Do you want to change the world but feel frustrated by the limited impact you and others have had? Do you feel that despite your best efforts, and indeed successes, you have hit a brick wall? You may have mounted a fierce advocacy campaign, seen your public education campaign go viral, pioneered a social program, mobilized new funds or changed a law, but the status quo has barely budged. Social and economic justice hasn’t increased. Power hasn’t shifted. The old paradigm survives. And the sharp, distinctive edges of your social innovation are in danger of being eroded, isolated or forgotten.

The paradox of short-term success versus long-term impact is the central question this book addresses. Many of us believed that by now we would have absolute poverty under control. Or pollution. Or child abuse. Or deforestation. Or any number of other social and environmental challenges. The solutions certainly exist. They just aren’t widely distributed. 

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About the author: Al Etmanski

Al Etmanski is a community organizer, social entrepreneur and author. He is a founding partner of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) and BC Partners for Social Impact. Previously he co-founded Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) with his wife Vickie Cammack and Jack Collins. Al is an Ashoka fellow, a faculty member of John McKnight’s Asset Based Community Development Institute (ABCD), and a recent recipient of the Order of Canada. He once played air guitar with Randy Bachman of BTO (Bachman-Turner-Overdrive) in a rock video which convinced him to stick with his day job.