The Ties That Bind


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A heartwarming story of how a personal network can enable independence

The DVD features Chris Jordan, a spirited 28-year-old man living with multiple disabilities who is fuelled by dreams of independence. His parents set out to create a personal network of caring friends and relatives to support their son in living on his own so that he can survive and flourish long after they have gone. Their preparations are based on the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network model, a delicate and extraordinary process as seen in the film and explored in greater detail in the extras and resource guide on this DVD. This complete DVD package not only inspires families to begin the process of planning for their son or daughter’s future, it also provides step by step practical solutions to securing peace of mind.   The DVD includes a downloadable Resource Guide complete with worksheets, tips, activities and resources.

Designed for:
Individuals, families and service providers in planning for the future
Production Information:
DVD Produced by the National Film Board of Canada in co-production with Force Four Entertainment Inc and in collaboration with Plan Institute